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Jun 29, 2016

Mars or Bust ..

"The Martians are always coming." - Philip K. Dick

- We are on our way to Mars. Apparently, we're the Martians. -

The first round of the Mars One Astronaut Selection Program closed on August 31, 2013. Mars One received 202,586 applications from 14 countries to become the first human settlers on the red planet.

Progress continues and Round Three of the selection process is underway -- "From this selection round onward, the selection procedure and training activities of the astronaut candidates will be filmed for audiences across the globe. Forty remaining Round Four Candidates will begin the isolation portion of the screening process. The results of the isolation challenge will reduce the forty candidates down to thirty who will then undergo the Mars Settler Suitability Interview." --

What lies ahead for the chosen few? Info from the home site of Mars One. --
  • The flight will take between seven to eight months (depending upon the relative positions of the Earth and Mars). The astronauts will spend those seven months together in a very small space—much smaller than the home base at the settlement on Mars—devoid of luxury or frills. This will not be easy. Showering with water will not be an option. Instead the astronauts make do with wet towelettes (wet wipes) as used by astronauts on the International Space Station.

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The first unmanned mission is now scheduled to depart in 2020. Crews will depart for their one-way journey to Mars starting in 2026; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months after the initial crew has left for Mars.

Getting Humanity to Mars on TED.

On a parallel note -- just a bit more X-files. Achilleas Sirigos, editor of the first English version of Chronicles from the Future, says the story captivated him - not because of the chaos and catastrophes in the forecast but because of the state of enlightenment humans manage to achieve.

Can an 1800's Diary Reveal the Future of Humanity? Link is my interview with Achilleas Sirigos. 

One VERY strong warning from what might be considered a prophecy of Earth history through 3904: "Don't go to Mars".

I also blogged on this topic prior to the story being available in English and included info from a presentation by Athanasios Komianos here. Details vary a bit from the Sirigos version but the content remains fascinating.

Another twist. The remote viewing angle with Joe McMoneagle. Was Mars inhabited?

More grist for the mill. Joe McMoneagle talks about Remote Viewing and Full Contact.