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Jun 20, 2016

6/18/16 - The Haunted House Diaries - show headlines and overview

This show covered a slew of curious wonders: Ghosts, Aliens, Holes in Time and Space, The True Story of a Quiet Connecticut Town in the Center of a Paranormal Mystery: The Haunted House Diaries. Author William J. Hall, is a professional magician who knows a thing or two about magic and mystery.   

6/18/16 Headlines -

Given the smorgasbord of paranormal and metaphysical anomaly in this show, I want to suggest a parallel endeavor on this trail of curious; food for thought and pondering as to the nature of the creation of mystery. Consider this:

"As we explore inward into the true nature of reality, the reality becomes less and less dense and more and more thought responsive." - William Buhlman presentation: Entering Into The Spirit World

OBE Expert William Buhlman proposes that the purpose of this reality is that it is the slowed down training ground for consciousness. And that would make such things as haunted houses the perfect playground to practice expanded awareness. (William Buhlman 2013 interview.)

Haunted House Diaries podcast 6/18/16 archive link: Wendy's Coffeehouse covers Ghosts, Aliens and Holes in Space and Time...playtime for the curious.

I ask Bill about Ashwar. This is what I was describing and what he tried to explain. The entity represented itself as a young girl in a blue dress. This video displays a much different representation of that non-corporeal presence.  

*Video Copyright 2010 by Paul and Ben Eno

So who or what is Ashwar ... really? Curious.

Follow updates on this case at World's Most Haunted House. Bill's first book was about the Haunting on 966 Lindley Street and the true story of the 1974 Bridgeport Poltergeist. Another mystery with a few dots left unconnected.

One of the quotes included in The Haunted House Diaries sums up reality very nicely:

"When we hear the word 'universe,' we think that means everything: every star, every galaxy, everything that exists. But in physics, we've come upon the possibility that what we've long thought to be everything may actually only be a small part of something that is much, much bigger.
- Brian Greene

and so we grow...