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Oct 30, 2013

Who's the fairest Wombat of all? Ruby tops them all!

Ruby has taken the internet by storm ... like potato chips, one clip is not enough. Here she is, playing and running under the stove to get a rise out of her peeps. She is a very clever girl. 

Fans on the Youtube page were asking about Ruby and more video uploads.

The reply from Matt Hill: "After 16 months Ruby has been successfully released and is doing well in a remote location that has a good wombat population. We have checked on her since then and she appears to be fit and well with plenty of her own species friends. I hope you have a good weekend. Cheers."

He adds Ruby opted out of a Facebook Fanpage option.

Good news on her release to the wild - but Darn! Ruby was a very colorful and endearing Wombat spokesmodel.

Here she is learning how the cat door works ... after a bit of a rough start.