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Oct 24, 2008

Doritos Space Program, Alien Chatter, Shaddup Your Face

Kudos to the Scientist who says he can decipher Alien Languages...now let him crack that troublesome earth code for Men who are from Mars and Women who are from Venus.

And in a brilliant marketing maneuver, Doritos is paying to beam commercial ads to aliens... Of slight concern is the possiblity that Aliens might not like Doritos or being subjected to advertising and...well...they actually might show up to tell us about it....thus the choice to beam it to an area where we have no clue if it can be heard or if there is a potential alien audience and if there is -- we should be long gone before they can take any action whatsoever. Brilliant.

Scotch Tape - can do x-rays?? Far out!

They've found a dinosaur dance floor..!! Trippin to the hit sounds of the 80's... literally.

Investment opportunity - 401k's are in the toilet but Channel purses going up 20 percent in November ... Bag one now. And resell it!

TGIF! You made it through another week! Shaddup Your Face!

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