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Feb 1, 2008

The Secret vs. Reality -- or the Harmonic Convergence of James Ray and President Bush

Okay - I want to do my normal list of fun stuff but sometimes life hands us fun on a silver
platter... so here's a bite from my platter of fun...

Curiosity got me. I had to go see James Ray [Secret, and Self-Marketing Dynamo "I've been on Oprah, Larry King, Today" (.... the list goes on...) "You don't know me??? Where have you been???" - last night at the Intercontinental Hotel. KC, MO.

Of course, at the time I booked my free date with destiny, I had no idea the place would be in triple security lockdown and we would have to intuitively divine our way around barricaded streets and security checkpoints just to get in the parking lot, then undergo a body scan to enter the building.

My special VIP pass (which I could not print off because yesterday - at 3pm - Time Warner Cable went down.... not to return until some time after 2am and before 6:30am....this morning...hmmmm.....) would not have whisked me to the front of the line. Hundreds stood in the cold, pass in hand, waiting for our eventual wanding. I WAS glad my name was on a list.

Turns out President Bush was also at the Intercontinental last night. Now I get all the jokes and the veiled references about ninjas. Three peremiter security guards were standing together at one point and sure enough, they looked just like ninjas. Wow!

The funny thing about the whole event? Mr. Ray, who tells everyone they should know him, and ticks off a list of celebrity reasons why - got massively upstaged by a guy who travels with his third party representation, each of whom is packin' some very convincing firepower. We never got so much as a glimpse of that guy. But there was no doubt as to his presence.

I can give Mr. Ray at least one brownie point. The person I stood next to in line --- thought the massive security effort was actually for him...

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