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Jul 28, 2007

Coffee and Chocolate - Ten Sites to Savor

In honor of the Coffeehouse and anyone who would like a few tips on great coffee related sites I am listing some favs:

  1. Salute to the Gilmore Girls - Start with Cocoa Java
  2. Wanna talk coffee and chocolate? ....thinking works too. Try the CocoaJava Cafe
  3. Nebraska over Kansas and Missouri?? The Daily Bean
  4. For coffee and tea, it's The Daily Brew
  5. Chock full of Info and Answers to questions we haven't thought to ask!!! CoffeeGeek
  6. Will Write for Chocolate... not about coffee or chocolate...but have some anyway.
  7. I Need Coffee... caf and de caffeinated entertainment.
  8. Coffee Crew - gave a fab review to the Home Town team - The Roasterie!
  9. Chocolate Heaven - Ghirardelli
  10. Almost Heaven - Godiva Chocolate Coffee
- That's the short list. I'm working on trying to perfect the coffee/chocolate ratio for no bake cookies. Could take a few months of effort. Which chocolate is best, dark coffee, flavored, decaf?
Milk, Soy, Cream? The possibilities are too great (And I do mean great!) to fathom. Bake we try. Sample we must. Enjoy!

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